Is your retained / released servicing
strategy creating choke points
in your processes?

Automate first.

Enable speed and safety
for MSR acquisition.

When the clock is ticking on a transaction agreement to buyer close, stacking order and required documents shouldn’t be the bottleneck in the process.

Clarity in loan commerce is possible.

Onboard with quality for
servicing oversight.

Bad data and document defects are a
recipe for downstream servicing
challenges as loans move from production
to your own servicing system or that of a

Streamlined onboarding with flexible
configuration is possible.

Take the heavy lifting out
of MERS® compliance.

MERS® data reconciliation done manually
is labor intensive and a monumental task if done annually. Annual attestation by a third party checks a box for compliance, but
does it help you improve your processes?

MERS® audit ready, anytime, is possible.

I need more automation for my loan servicing.

There are many opportunities for automation in the
servicing of mortgage loan assets.

Lenders can optimize the management of their loan servicing strategy, whether retaining, releasing or managing some combination of the two. The transition from production systems to servicing systems needs to prioritize quality and efficiency for loan boarding. As lenders and servicers expand and contract their servicing portfolio, the acquisition process across sellers and buyers can be normalized through an automate first approach that verifies and validates data and document quality. And, of course, MERS® compliance should be addressed as a matter of course, not a resource intensive practice.

Loanlogics' capabilities for servicing can help increase quality, minimize the human element and streamline servicing transactions.

Doc processing automation for friction free MSR acquisition.

Mortgage Servicing Rights acquisition requires responsiveness between buyer and seller. A seller must accommodate the stacking order and documentation requirements of each buyer. A buyer must consume data and files in a timely manner to complete the acquisition process.

The LoanHD® MSR Acquisition module is configurable to investor defined naming conventions, stacking orders and required document sets. Data extraction provides required data needed for boarding that is found only in documents, as well as supports the proper versioning and indexing of all documents. A reconciliation report provides complete transparency, ensuring all parties stay informed throughout the transaction process.

Proven Results.

MERS Audit Tool

MERS® Audit Ready, Anytime.

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MSR Acquisition Platform

Doc processing automation for friction free MSR acquisition.

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