Are standardized MSR technology
and services missing from your
acquisition strategy?

Automate first.

Enable speed and safety
for MSR acqusition.

When the clock is ticking on a transaction
agreement to buyer close, accurate
validation of required documents
and critical data shouldn’t be
the bottleneck in the process.

Clarity in loan commerce is possible.

Onboard with

A lack of uniformity in file delivery
from the myriad of sellers you purchase
MSRs from is a recipe for downstream
servicing challenges as loans move
into your servicing system or that
of sub-servicer.

Streamlined loan boarding is possible.

Gain confidence in MERS®
controls and processes.

Annual attestation by a third party
checks a box for MERS compliance,
but does it help you improve
your processes?

A proven, consultative process for
annual MERS reviews is possible.

I need better solutions for MSR acquisition,
servicing onboarding and MERS® compliance.

There are many opportunities for automation in the
transfer of mortgage servicing rights.

Lenders can optimize the management of their loan servicing strategy, whether retaining, releasing or managing some combination of the two with MSR technology automation. The transition from seller production systems to servicing systems needs to prioritize efficiency accuracy for loan boarding. As lenders and servicers expand and contract their servicing portfolio, the acquisition process across sellers and buyers can be normalized through an automate first approach that verifies and validates the existence of data and documents commonly used in MSR acquisition.

LoanLogics' capabilities for automated document recognition and data extraction services can help mitigate risk, minimize the human element and streamline transactions for MSR acquisition.

Doc processing automation for friction free MSR acquisition.

Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) acquisition requires responsiveness between buyer and seller. The challenge is that often these counterparties lack the proper MSR technology to standardize the delivery and receipt of loan file data and documents at scale during the transaction. Instead, a labor-intensive process drives up cost, errors, and adds delays that ultimately impact the borrower experience.

LoanLogics IDEA® for MSR Transfer offers MSR buyers a way to quickly validate and board loan files from diverse sellers by normalizing a complex process. Using highly accurate and efficient machine learning IDEA technology, this solution automates document classification, versioning, and extracts more than 700 data fields on more than 30 critical loan documents most common in MSR acquisition.

100+ tests validate critical document existence

700+ data fields extracted from 30+ critical documents

Furthermore, critical document logic with over 100 tests in LoanLogics IDEA for MSR Transfer performs required document checks, document execution validation, document to data tape and document to document comparisons, an evaluation of document completeness, and more.

As a final step, documents are configured into one of our predefined stacking orders and naming convention. A standard XML output file with the complete data tape and identification of discrepancies is also delivered. With this file, the acquiring entity can prepare for a streamlined transfer into their servicing system and/or document management system (DMS).

Proven Results.

MERS® Independent Annual Review Service

Raise your confidence in
MERS controls and processes.

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LoanLogics IDEA™ for MSR Transfer. Standardize seller loan file delivery for MSR acquisition

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Standardize seller loan file delivery
for MSR acquisition

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