Does the speed and throughput
of your QC provider rely too much on people power?

Automate first.

Scale your business,
control your costs.

For many mortgage audit service providers, it doesn’t take much of an increase in your loan volume to drive more audit staff resources into your costs.

Better optimization of mortgage loan quality outsourcing services is possible.

Share goals for efficiency,
accuracy and cost.

More often than not, the productivity
metrics defined in your Service Level Agreement (SLA) are designed to manage expectations, not exceed them.

Better optimization of pre close and post close mortgage quality audit services
is possible.

Replace "check the
checker" with automation.

Continuously checking off-shore work with on-shore resources neutralizes the cost benefit of outsourcing.

Better optimization of mortgage audit services is possible.

I need mortgage quality control outsourcing services with a better ROI.

Technology enabled mortgage audit services maximize
the value of outsourcing.

When outsourcing some or all of your loan quality management, get accurate
mortgage audit results with optimized efficiency through LoanLogics audit services
or one of our Certified Partner Program providers.

LoanLogics and our partners have experienced professionals who use the
advanced capabilities of our LoanHD® audit platform to deliver quality assurance,
quality control and due diligence audit support to our clients.

Expert auditors empowered by automation create high value insights
for loan manufacturing process improvements.

From origination through sale or servicing, data-driven, technology-enabled audit services can help you build quality assurance and quality
control checkpoints to manage risk proactively.

Through LoanLogics IDEA , your data and loan files are processed
quickly and information validated and verified. This includes not only LOS data, but also data extracted from the core loan documents that make up
the transaction. Audit rules automation identifies data errors and missing critical documents based on loan type or specific investor guidelines.

Auditors can then perform a variety of review services through the
LoanHD® audit platform in support of your outsourcing needs. User-defined tests and business rules allow you to tailor your QA/QC projects to meet your requirements across a variety of audit services:.

Pre-Closing Audits | Post Closing - Pre-Shipping Audits

Bulk | Mini-Bulk | Flow

Repurchase Defense | HUD Indemnification Rebuttals

Agency reporting requirements for outsourced QC are easily accommodated in our Audit the Auditor Module, allowing you to spot check the required 10% of monthly volume supported by our services.

Proven Results.

For Mortgage Loans, Audit Mastery Takes Technology.

Our proven guide for efficient loan quality management and more.

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Pure Power in Automation.

Transform what’s possible in
data and document processing.

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QC checkpoints – a best practice approach.

audit services.

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