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Automate first.

Optimize human capital and “right-size” resources.

Continuously adding auditors to
Pre-Closing, Post-Closing and Compliance audit tasks to manage fluctuating loan volume is an expensive way to ensure loan quality.

With mortgage audit automation, reducing the cost of creating and assuring loan quality
is possible.

Red light, green light TRID
and HMDA compliance.

Manual tasks and unintegrated workflows can drag down loans per person per day (LPPPD) and distract staff from managing exceptions and clearing defects.

With automated mortgage QC software, double and triple productivity is possible.

Unlock the story your
loan quality data holds.

Finding the root cause of mortgage loan quality issues can never happen when data is inaccurate, trapped in spreadsheets or hidden in pdf reports from your QC outsourcing vendor.

With rules-based automation and machine learning technology, discovering the weak links in your loan manufacturing process is possible.

I need data-driven mortgage loan quality control automation.

Cloud technologies enable mortgage software that reduces the cost of creating and assuring loan quality.

Data-driven digital technology delivers lasting impact to loan quality through the automation of
audit tasks, a structured workflow to find and fix defects and comprehensive reporting to
understand the root cause of issues and take corrective action.

The LoanHD platform does that and more using purified data to signal defects and manage risk
in Pre-Closing, Post-Closing, HMDA, TRID and Pre-Funding audits. Real-time, scalable efficiency focuses
audit staff on exceptions and creates greater transparency into loan quality.

LoanHD® loan quality management supports quality
checkpoints from origination through sale or servicing.

Few would argue that regulatory obligations have made the job of ensuring loan quality tougher and more expensive over the past decade. Investor scrutiny is now on par with regulator examinations and borrowers are demanding more from the origination process. This trifecta of pressures is why lenders continue to turn to LoanLogics’ flagship product, LoanHD, to enable more accurate, efficient, transparent audit reviews.

More effective Pre-Closing, Post-Closing, Pre-Funding and Mortgage Compliance audits begin with the accuracy of your data. Prior to an audit, IDEA® Services for intelligent data extraction & automation capture a 360-degree view of data by comparing system’s data with loan file documents. Advanced machine learning and data extraction technologies combine with human operator workflow to deliver 99% data accuracy. The resulting purified data is used by LoanHD to power automated audit workflows. And, discrepancy reports can be generated for loan origination system (LOS) data updates.

Rules-based automation completes a significant portion of audit tests, focusing auditors only on exceptions. Customized tests can be added to our deep library of audit rules automation to enable even more control over quality metrics important to your business. And, LoanFacts® provide a view into purified data elements and enable comparison of data that conflicts in a failed test. One-click access to specific documents based on relevance to the audit test accelerates review.





LoanHD data-driven digital technology includes sampling tools that make it easy to create stratified, discretionary and/or statistical segments of loans to review. It then uses a structured workflow for auditors to find and fix defects, quickly and accurately. Audit specific worksheets in LoanHD use the simplicity of a green light to indicate a test has passed and red to signal to auditors that a manual review of loan file data is required.

Once defects are identified, real-time notifications to responsible parties are sent through the LoanHD Audit Response Center (ARC). This secure web portal, provides a centralized, streamlined rebuttal process. Information and documentation can be shared within the ARC to efficiently clear defects.

All of this results in industry leading loans per person per day (LPPD) productivity and high-quality loan production.


LoanHD® loan quality automation offers the flexibility to insert quality checks at various points in the loan manufacturing process. A selection of 20 Component Review Audits allow for a more efficient mix of full pre-close and component reviews to cost-effectively meet Fannie Mae prefunding review requirements. All audit projects can be easily managed through dynamic dashboards that provide project status and loan level-transparency. Project and loan level detail offer management the ultimate transparency to ensure identified issues are tracked to resolution. In addition, an audit trail offers complete transparency for regulatory review of any requested loans.

Using the Report Builder functionality of LoanHD®, the process of creating monthly, quarterly and yearly views for agency, management and executive quality control reports can be simplified. Out of the box and customizable business intelligence can help visually identify patterns related to error responsibility, fraud, issues with underwriting criteria, or poor process design.

Then implement Action Plan Reporting within the system to monitor and manage initiatives that remediate deficiencies and improve loan quality management practices. Measure results of the action plan over future months to improve mortgage loan quality.

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