Are the service levels and
insights provided by your QC
provider hidden in static canned reporting?

Automate first.

Scale your business,
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Being responsive to shifts in loan volume can be operationally challenging and cause an imbalance between costs and revenue.

Better resource optimization using outsourcing services is possible.

Rely on accurate data to get to the root cause of defects.

The source of truth for a mortgage loan file is found in the documents. Reliance solely on systems data can limit visibility into potentially hidden defect trends.

Deeper insight for effective defect management is possible.

Have confidence in consistently met service levels.

Management of internal goals for quality control requires transparency and collaboration with your QC provider and rapid response to agency inquiries.

With transparent reporting, trust in mortgage audit services is possible.

I need mortgage quality control outsourcing services with a better ROI.

Technology-enabled mortgage audit services maximize
the value of outsourcing.

When outsourcing some or all of your loan quality management, get accurate
mortgage audit results and deeper insights with optimized efficiency through LoanLogics
technology-enabled audit services. LoanLogics’ experienced audit professionals have
four certifications from the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters (NAMU)® and use
the advanced capabilities of our LoanHD® audit platform to deliver gold standard
quality assurance, quality control and due diligence audit support to our clients.

Expert auditors empowered by automation create high value
insights for loan manufacturing process improvements.

LoanLogics offers a broad spectrum of audit services that range from fully outsourced quality control to targeted programs that supplement internal resources. Experienced audit professionals use data-driven digital technology to help you manage risk efficiently, accurately and proactively.

Through IDEA®, your data and loan files are processed quickly and the information validated and verified for the utmost audit accuracy. This includes not only LOS data, but also data extracted from the core loan documents that make up the transaction. Audit rules automation identifies data errors and missing critical documents based on loan type or specific investor guidelines.

With this 360-degree view of your loan files, auditors can then perform a variety of review services leveraging deep domain expertise for collateral, compliance, credit and reverifications, while using the LoanHD® audit platform to support your outsourcing needs. As defects are found, rebuttals are safely and securely communicated for review in real-time via an online web portal. This efficient flow QC review process provides our clients with earlier insights into defects.

Add user-defined tests and business rules to tailor your Quality Assurance/Quality Control projects to meet your unique requirements. And trust certified mortgage professionals to help you evaluate risk in your loan portfolio.

Our certified Audit Staff

Certifications from the National Association of Mortgage Underwriters (NAMU)®

Our Technology-Enabled Services

Receive real-time audit transparency using dynamic dashboards that provide status of project service level agreements (SLAs) and can drill-down into individual loan-level details:

  • Project-level summary reporting helps you identify points of failure related to people, process or business requirements. It includes a Report Builder capability to stratify reporting by branch, underwriter, closing agent and loan type.
  • The Loan-level Audit Report Summary provides a loan rating, identifies risk areas and provides a summary of findings.

With global to granular reporting, uncover the underlying root cause of quality issues and identify where you might need to change your lending policies, provide additional training or adjust your origination process.

The audit services team is also a QC approved vendor with access to Fannie Mae’s Collateral Underwriter® (CU®). With this access we can further evaluate collateral quality with access to the same resources, maps, and data available to lenders to ensure appraisal quality is reviewed seamlessly.

Agency reporting requirements for outsourced QC are also easily accommodated in our Audit the Auditor Module, allowing you to spot check the required 10% of monthly volume supported by our services.

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For Mortgage Loans, Audit Mastery Takes Technology.

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