Achieve income certainty

Achieve income certainty while streamlining your risk review process.

Achieve income certainty while streamlining your risk review process.

LoanBeam® Income Made Easy.

LoanBeam® Income Suite

LoanBeam® Income Suite

Spending too much time
calculating income?

Automate first.

Achieve rep and
warrant relief.

Lender and investor confidence in
self-employed income calculations requires an in depth, specialized risk review process.

With technology to take the guess work out of self-employed income calculations, GSE certification is possible.

Simplify risk

Underwriters are one of your most valued resources. Don’t waste their time with simple data extraction and data entry tasks.

With automated income calculation technology that cuts out the "busy work," optimizing production resources is possible.

Standardize income

Manual processes, inexperienced staff, and document complexity can all contribute to costly errors and operational inconsistencies in income calculation.

With rules-based automation, replacing file-level variability with business-level
decision-making is possible.

I need data-driven income calculation/analysis technology.

The LoanBeam brand journey to the top wasn’t overnight. Becoming the mortgage
industry’s “income source” has been the result of thousands of customer
conversations, programmatic iterations, and sleepless nights.

Beyond being time-tested, the LoanBeam Income Suite is trusted. Major investors, like
both GSEs and US Bank accept Loanbeam income calculations from their
lender networks. As an industry standard tool for quality loan production, these
products make a complementary addition to LoanLogics’ portfolio of origination tools.

Tailored and transcendent, this suite of solutions is architected to be uniquely
autonomous or easily integrable into your income assessment process
with little ramp up time.

Address income from any source with the LoanBeam Income Suite.

LoanBeam® income technologies validate and calculate income from any source. They convert complicated tax returns, highly variable paystubs, and W2s into consumable data points for the automated computation and modification of income. These programmatic solutions, provide rep and warrant relief for self-employed income calculations while also helping to streamline the risk review processes. Users can achieve income certainty and customers report saving more than $400 per file in underwriting alone.

With the Income Suite, LoanBeam® Tax and Wage, users can:

  • Focus on risk assessment
  • Achieve greater workflow efficiency
  • Deploy technology to work “around the clock”
  • Ensure compliance

It is the technology that underpins the mortgage approval process of the industry’s most recognizable brands, as well as meets the needs of originators of all sizes. Each day, thousands of borrowers achieve homeownership faster, easier, and without bias because of this programmatic income calculation technology.

LoanBeam is trusted with:


millION mortgage


Billion Loan
Pages Processed




tier-1 mortgage

Proven Results.

LoanBeam® Wage

Automated income calculation technology for wage earner underwriting.

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LoanBeam® Tax

Automated income calculation technology
for self-employed underwriting

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Income Suite

Automated income calculation and
analysis from any source.

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