An Ecosystem of Integrated Mortgage Services

An ecosystem of 3rd party mortgage services.

AppQ Network®

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The LoanLogics AppQ Network®

The mortgage industry is challenged by the number of 3rd party service providers they must interact with and the lack of integration of these services into their primary workflows. As well, service providers find it hard to position their services at the point of need and effectively reach their target audience. To address these challenges LoanLogics created the AppQ Network®, an ecosystem of integrated services that drive efficiency in workflow and create a seamless experience for our clients.

Mortgage Fee Payment Processing Service

There are countless applicable fees and payments that lenders, servicers, insurers, and the like must collect from borrowers throughout the life of the loan. Managing this ancillary process is something most would prefer to offload from themselves to a capable third-party service provider.

LoanBeam Payments is an API-enabled, PCI-complaint merchant service solution that can be installed anywhere in the mortgage process. Capable of accepting credit card and debit cards for mortgage fees such as origination fees, it offers secure funds retention and event-triggered remittance, protecting the borrower, lender, and vendor.

LoanBeam Payments funds thousands of transactions a month

Borrowers remitting payment log-on to a secure, white-labeled web portal where payment details are captured without an employee’s involvement. The transaction is processed over a PCI-compliant network, protecting borrower and LoanBeam client from loss or tampering of financial data. Fully redundant IT network support comes standard. Compliance and reputational risk are also reduced through this secure credit card data exchange.

Experience safe, secure PCI-compliant transactions

Should questions or disputes occur during or after the transaction, our outsourced agents are available to manage the issues on your behalf – a true time and cost savings for your business. We can process origination fees, credit report fees, subordination fees, or whatever you wish! API functionality makes custom integrations possible. In just days with LoanBeam Payments, you can be up and running!

Mortgage Merchant Services Simplified

  • Payment is captured via secure web portal
  • The credit card is charged
  • LoanBeam pays securely
  • LoanBeam agents handle any disputes

The AppQ Network® - On Demand in LoanHD®
Precisely What You Need, When You Need It!

The AppQ Network®, on demand in LoanHD®, provides a real-time interface and distribution channel to third-party vendors who offer related solutions important to the loan quality control (QC) process. This includes integrations to “best-in-class” third-party compliance, credit, and collateral technology and services. The LoanHD® platform brings these services to users' fingertips and incorporates outputs into the audit. The result is a more seamless, robust, and efficient QC workflow.

For each service, the LoanHD® platform provides:

  • A singular user interface for ‘point-and-click’ order and delivery.
  • Service description and contact information for direct negotiation with the vendor(s).
  • Real-time fulfillment on the LoanHD® platform.
  • A more holistic QC analysis

Available third-party service types integrated into the AppQ Network® in LoanHD include:

  • Compliance Analysis
  • Credit Reports
  • Document Management
  • Field Review Services

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