An ecosystem of 3► party mortgage services.

An ecosystem of 3rd party mortgage services.

Precisely what you need, when you need it!

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LoanHD® AppQ Network

Mortgage lenders are challenged by the number of 3rd party service providers they interact with
and the lack of integration of these services into their workflows. As well, service providers find it
hard to position their services at the point of need and effectively reach their target audience.
To address these challenges LoanLogics created the LoanHD® AppQ Network, an ecosystem of services that drive efficiency in workflow and allow a seamless experience for our clients.

The network incorporates best in class vendors who provide services through the LoanHD® platform.

LoanHD® AppQ Network - On Demand for You!

The LoanHD® AppQNetwork provides service ordering and delivery interfaces for third-party providers through the LoanHD® platform. These services are brought to the fingertips of users, resulting in a seamless experience and a more efficient workflow.

For each service, the LoanHD® platform provides:

  • Description and contact information for direct negotiation with the vendor.
  • Point and click ordering.
  • Real-time fulfillment on the LoanHD® platform.

The LoanHD® AppQ Network provides an effective distribution channel for vendors and streamlines service provisioning for lenders.

Services include:

  • Appraisal Quality Analysis
  • Compliance Analysis
  • Credit Reports
  • Document Management
  • Field Review Services
  • Fraud Reports
  • Income Analysis
  • Risk Reports

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