The Next Generation
of Loan Quality Management.

Intelligent Data Extraction and Automation (LoanLogics IDEA™) –
it starts with a great idea.

Transform digital images and scanned documents into granular data. When better data is used in audit reviews, rebuttal procedures flow more smoothly and there is a level of transparency between audit resources your quality and compliance team that allows you to manage your quality control processes more effectively. Verified, validated data puts loan files in high definition.

Structured Quality Control –
double loans per person per day.

Data-centric QC provides scalable efficiency and an organized method to evaluate granular detail. Perform 100% data comparison on extracted data as part of the mortgage loan review.

Real-Time –
inspect what you expect.

From origination through sale or servicing, build quality assurance and quality control checkpoints with granular audit detail. Rule-based automation exposes defects and ensures that every loan is reviewed the same way. Real-time access to loan file results are provided on a flow basis. Files are available as completed to accelerate your review and rebuttal procedures.

Turn QC into an automated routine:
- Same day/next day QA.
- Complete QC Audit in 30 days, guaranteed!

Business intelligence –
granular to global reporting.

Risk reporting and analytics can be done by branch, underwriter, and loan type, helping you modify your lending policies and identify points of failure related to people, process or business requirements.

- Evaluate patterns and trends    
- Conduct forensic review and root cause analysis

Expert Audit Services –
supplemental to fully
outsourced solutions.

Our expertise in mortgage lending, operations, real estate finance, software development and regulatory compliance enables us to provide quality control results that empower companies to succeed.

Loan Quality Control
- Pre-Closing Audits - Post-Closing/Pre-Shipping Audits
- Investor Pre-Funding Audits

Pre-Purchase Due Diligence Reviews
- Bulk - Mini-Bulk - Flow

Post-Closing Forensic Audits
- Repurchase Defense