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Automated mortgage quality assurance and control
can help you achieve what matters today, driving value
to your bottom line.

Mortgage loan production costs are higher than ever and positive profits
are a challenge for many lenders.

Explore LoanLogics capabilities that can reduce the cost of compliance from pricing to payoff.

Mortgage loan software can give Loan Quality
a better ROI.

Yours with lending software technology that drives quality
and returns value directly to your bottom line.

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Product Eligibility and
Loan Pricing
Loan quality management software
Loan Quality Management

Turn 2018 into the year your loan quality
practices start driving profitability.

Verified, validated, granular data at the core.

Data extraction, sourcing and aggregation fuel quality, compliance and risk management capabilities that span the mortgage loan lifecycle.

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Inspect what you expect in real-time.

From origination through sale or servicing, build quality assurance and quality control checkpoints with granular audit detail.

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The markets we serve.

LoanLogics serves the mortgage industry through advanced capabilities that increase accuracy and transparency for consumer loan commerce.

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The customers we serve.

Learn more from LoanLogics customers who are playing different.

"Given what we were trying to do, the size of our team and the time we had to accomplish it,
my expectations were far exceeded. In my 20 years' experience of implementing mortgage
technology, this has definitely been one of the more successful projects."

Rob Jannotte, SVP Production Technologies, Planet Home Lending

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"With LoanLogics we have seen tremendous productivity lifts,
enabling us to more than double productivity."

Todd Grashaw, Managing Director, Birdsey Group

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"LoanLogics is different than every other technology provider.
They actually use their own technology."

Jack Nunnery, EVP and Director of Correspondent Lending, Texas Capital Bank

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"The ability to automatically index, capture all data points and run audit rules has turned out to be the end all be all for us."

Bill Lisnerski, Chief Business Development Officer, CMC Funding

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"With LoanHD®, we have doubled our production and are now auditing over 8 loans per person per day."

Michael Crockett, Executive VP of Product Development, Credit Plus

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