Mortgage audit software finds the single source of truth from your loan documents and puts loan quality management into high definition.

Vertical image of mortgage audit software intelligent data extraction and automation

The LoanHD® platform is the only system that performs 100% data comparison on extracted data and provides full transparency as part of the mortgage loan review. Intelligent Data Extraction and Automation (LoanLogics IDEA™) transform digital images as well as scanned documents into searchable, comparable data elements. LoanHD® LoanFacts™ loan quality analysis delivers an immediate, visual and drillable dashboard showing the underwriter the accuracy of all available loan data and a direct link to the specific underlying data contained in the loan documentation.

Loan audit software finds critical missing documents

Index, classify and identify missing docs in QC workflow.

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Compare signatures and valid execution in mortgage quality analysis

Compare signatures and
validate execution.

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Verify and validate documents and data in mortgage quality analytics tool

Verify and validate
extracted data across docs
and system data.

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Loan quality analytics tool automated audit test

Replace manual checklists
with audit test automation.

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Advanced technology. Multi-tier approach.