RexHub (Real Estate Exchange Hub).

RexHub bridges the gap between compliance and appraiser management through a dynamic platform that streamlines, tracks and captures the operational flow between AMCs (Appraisal Management Company), lenders, banks, appraisers and brokers. A time saving appraisal pipeline management solution, allowing for faster appraisal turnaround times. RexHub helps you not only manage your data, it helps you manage your business!

A customizable, one-stop-shop and easy to use secure platform, RexHub dramatically improves communication between a client and vendor. Each step of the appraisal process is captured until completion and delivery. Full integration with QuickBooks, Calyx, Encompass, CoreLogic, RealEC, QB Integrator, Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and more gives RexHub the scalability needed to ensure a seamless integration with your loan origination system (LOS).

Manage appraiser credentials, appraisal file uploads and order fulfillment.

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UAD (Uniform Appraisal Dataset) compliance made easy with a secure appraisal ordering process.

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Flexible reporting and real-time status alerts minimize communication lag.

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Automatically Connecting Lenders, AMCs and Appraisers.
The complete solution for appraisal management!

RexHub's platform is a complete appraisal solution! Clients can manage appraisers and their pipeline more effectively, plus have confidence in all finalized appraisals. A smoother and more efficient process from start to finish that meets the needs of individual clients, reduces costs and improves turnaround times. To learn more about RexHub, or any of our other LoanLogics automation products, please contact us online or call our corporate headquarters at 866.557.6959.