Double Act

The Double Act of Human and Machine

Throughout time there have been history-making partnerships between humans and technology. In the mortgage industry, this relationship story gives loan officers more time to focus on the borrower relationship, processors and underwriters more time to handle more loans, and counterparties in mortgage loan commerce the ability to complete transactions with safety and soundness.

This white paper will discuss:

  • The data dilemma: Why is machine learning and the use of confidence score thresholds lowering the cost of ensuring consistency of data across documents and systems.
  • The diversity of rules: What rules can automate data validation (do you have what you need), audit testing (is it right) and data transformation (can you export it for use).
  • Channel challenges: How to help originator/sellers optimize loan value and investors/buyers differentiate the transaction experiences

As 2022 approaches and with new advancements in big data analytics and artificial intelligence the human to machine relationship will be taken to even greater heights. Be part of the story!.

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