Home Junction® Inc. joins LoanLogics as part of the LoanHD® AppQ Network to provide Clients with Access to Lower Cost AVM Data

Ensures that clients have access to an automated valuation model that saves them money-without sacrificing sophisticated analysis or accuracy.

Fort Washington, PA | May 27, 2014 LoanLogics, a recognized leader in loan quality management and performance analytics, is offering clients an affordable index-based automated valuation model through Home Junction, a provider of real estate and mortgage data, as part of its LoanHD® AppQ Network. The result is the availability of Home Junction AVM data through the LoanHD life-of-loan performance management platform, a single source solution designed to gauge and monitor risk in mortgage portfolios.

"Our clients now have access to accurate valuations that are affordable enough for them to perform an AVM on every mortgage loan they are originating," said Don Smith, LoanHD Senior Product Manager for LoanLogics. "We wanted to provide clients with a low-cost option to value properties, while still providing a sophisticated, accurate valuation, and we have done that."

Lenders have the option to rely solely on the valuation from Home Junction, or they can order an additional valuation from multiple other vendors through the LoanHD AppQ Network.

"LoanLogics sees this offering as a way to ensure that clients can value the homes in a mortgage transaction with precision. That has always been important, but is of particular importance in the new regulatory environment," said Smith. "Costs are increasing for many lenders, so it is great to find a way to minimize expenses and still provide a superior service to the mortgage industry."

Home Junction gathers information on more than 70 million properties, collecting information on recently sold homes, school data, demographics, and dozens of additional real estate and mortgage related data points.

About LoanLogicsLoanLogics was founded to improve the transparency and accuracy of the mortgage process and improve the quality of loans. LoanLogics serves the needs of residential mortgage lenders, servicers, insurers, and investors that want to improve loan quality, performance and reliability throughout the loan lifecycle. It develops advanced solutions that help clients validate compliance, improve profitability, and manage risk during the manufacture, sale and servicing of loan assets. Achieving these goals was the motivation in the development of the industry's first Enterprise Loan Quality and Performance Analytics Platform. To learn more, visit www.loanlogics.com

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