Paying too much for mortgage quality assurance audits?

Automate first.

Optimize human capital and “right-size” resources.

Continuously throwing more auditors at
pre close, post close and compliance audit tasks because of fluctuating loan volume is an expensive way to ensure loan quality.

With regtech automation, reducing the cost of creating and assuring loan quality
is possible.

Red light, green light TRID
and HMDA compliance.

Manual tasks and unintegrated workflows can drag down loans per person per day (LPPPD) and distract staff from managing exceptions and clearing defects.

With regtech quality audit software, double and triple productivity is possible.

Unlock the story your
loan quality data holds.

Finding the root cause of mortgage loan quality issues can never happen when loan quality data is inaccurate, trapped in spreadsheets or hidden in pdf reports from your quality control outsourcing vendor.

With regtech and machine learning technology, discovering the weak links in your loan manufacturing process is possible.

I need data-driven quality control automation.

Cloud-based mortgage regtech software reduces the cost
of creating and assuring loan quality.

Data-driven digital technology delivers lasting impact to loan quality through the automation of
audit tasks, a structured workflow to find and fix defects and comprehensive reporting to
understand the root cause of issues and take corrective action.

The LoanHD platform does that and more using purified data to signal deficiencies and control
safety. Real-time, scalable efficiency focuses audit staff on exceptions and creates greater
transparency into loan quality.

Deliver the risk management and productivity results you desire for
pre-close and post close manufacturing controls.

Control safety by...

Create consistent processes for auditors and stakeholders across audit reviews (i.e. pre-close, post close) and audit type (compliance, appraisal, credit). ...Read moreLoanHD® automated worksheets and a library of audit tests based on best practice focus staff on identifying and clearing conditions instead of rote tasks (i.e. data entry, manual validation). And, technology scalability and performance monitoring enable an increase in loan per person per day without an increase in staff. Show less

Loans Per Person Per Day


Microsoft in the mortgage industry still seems to be alive and well. This may partially be because current systems don’t support the breadth of data required in loan underwriting. The result is calculations and work done “off-line” to address compliance. ... Read more

The LoanHD platform can consume data from documents and data from systems to produce LoanFacts that can then be verified and validated to drive compliance reviews and ensure requirements and guidelines are being followed. All data elements are comparable with direct links to underlying documents that contain that data.

Componentized audit worksheets can then leverage this purified data, eliminating the use of spreadsheets to perform these tasks. For example:

  • Income worksheets enable consistent review of income data from any source.
  • The Compliance Audit module enables auditors to review compliance data before this data is used to power compliance analysis.
  • A single page worksheet can automate HMDA Audit reviews of all required data, highlighting only the loans with deficiencies.
    Show less

LoanHD® loan quality automation offers the flexibility to insert quality checks at various points in the loan manufacturing process. You can also layer customized tests on our deep library of audit rules automation to enable even more control over quality. ... Read more Satisfy stakeholder inquires by documenting a complete, digital history of all remediation activity via secure web portal. Finally, develop and monitor action plans right in the system to lower defect rates, reduce risk and evaluate the impact of continuous quality improvements for the business. Show less

Signal deficiency by...

LoanHD® audit worksheets use the simplicity of a green light to indicate a test has passed and a red light to signal to auditors that a manual review of loan file data is required. ... Read more LoanFacts provide a view into purified data elements and enable comparison of data that conflicts in a failed test. One click access to specific documents based on relevance to the audit test accelerates review. This degree of automation can complete up to 70% of audit tasks.

Once defects are identified, real-time notification to responsible parties through LoanHD’s Audit Response Center secure web portal, provides a centralized, streamlined rebuttal process. Information and documentation can be provided to efficiently clear defects.

Project and loan level detail offer management the ultimate transparency to ensure identified issues are tracked to resolution. This information can then be used to generate discrepancy reports for loan originations system (LOS) data updates. In addition, it also provides an audit trail for regulatory review of any requested loans. Show less





Leverage an ecosystem of services that create efficiency and confidence. The LoanHD® AppQ Network provides service ordering and delivery interfaces to third-party providers. Compliance analysis, credit reports, document management and more are accessible directly within the system.

Out of the box and customizable business intelligence reports can help visually identify patterns related to error responsibility, fraud, issues with underwriting criteria, or poor process design. ... Read more Using the Report Builder functionality of LoanHD®, the process of creating monthly, quarterly and yearly agency, management and executive quality control reports can be simplified. Instantly build customized summary and granular loan level reports to monitor production loan quality and reveal defect trends. Then implement Action Plan Reporting within the system to monitor and manage initiatives that remediate deficiencies and improve loan quality management practices. Show less

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