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Man vs Machine. How Machine Learning is Transforming Traditional OCR

The need for purified mortgage data has never been greater. Financial Institutions (FIs) cannot rely solely on traditional optical character recognition (OCR) and achieve loan quality at scale, in this data-rich environment. Thankfully, machine learning is transforming what's possible in data & doc processing.

In free on-demand webinar, Man vs Machine. How Machine Learning is Transforming Traditional OCR, learn how intelligent data and doc processing technologies are evolving beyond OCR to deliver better, faster, more accurate results using machine learning, sophisticated data extraction and rules-based automation.

  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence fit together
  • What financial institution adoption looks like today
  • Why data & doc processing need more than just OCR alone
  • How machine learning uses OCR as a starting point for automated document recognition (ADR) and automated data extraction (ADE)
  • What is Capture 2.0 and how is it transforming data into actionable information
  • What to consider when adopting machine learning for data & doc processing
  • Why purified data is critical to the future of mortgage lending

Tune into an insightful 24 minutes of content.