Terrell C. Cassada

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer for LoanLogics, Terrell C. Cassada is responsible for document, data, and rules processing software development and technologies; corporate infrastructure, data center infrastructure and operations; and corporate information and data security.

Prior to joining LoanLogics, Mr. Cassada provided management consulting services to the GSEs on FHFA mandated technology, operational and budgeting initiatives and to regional and community banks on technology, operational, and information security best practices and efficiencies.

Mr. Cassada served as Chief Information and Operations Officer for First Guaranty Bank and Trust in Jacksonville, FL where he was responsible for the commercial, consumer and online banking platforms, information security, data center and disaster recovery operations. He was also responsible for deposit, document and call center operations.

Prior to First Guaranty Bank, Mr. Cassada served as Senior Vice President of Product Development and Architecture for Lydian Technology Group. His previous roles include Chief Software Architect for WellFound Decade Corporation and Chief Technology Officer for Decade Systems. Mr. Cassada won Mortgage Technology Magazine's prestigious "10X Award" as the architect of Decade Systems' "TEDI" platform.

Mr. Cassada has held leadership positions in the Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization (MISMO), has been a featured panelist and speaker at mortgage industry trade shows and has been published in numerous mortgage and banking industry trade publications.

Mr. Cassada holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems and Accounting from Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, TN.