Insightful, predictive tools for accelerated mortgage risk management.

Increase the speed with which data can be interpreted and acted upon using loan portfolio risk analytics supported by data visualization.

LoanHD® Loan Performance Management incorporates dashboards and visual data displays that let you quickly assess exposure to risk starting at the portfolio level, with drill-down access to loan-level details. Manage concentrations and the risk within concentrations often reviewed by examiners today. Consistently monitor the vital components of risk: Borrower Risk | Collateral Risk | Market Risk | Geographic Risk | Concentration Risk.

Credit risk analysis historical trends and data

View historical trends and see how key metrics
change over time.

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View pattern of risks in loan portfolio analysis

Reveal patterns of risk or opportunity and respond proactively.

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Loan-Level Graphs >
Mortgage risk analytics estimate risk 6 months in advance

Use predictive analytics
to estimate risk 6 months
in advance.

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Compare collateral values in mortgage risk management

Compare collateral values and get 6-month forecasts for the property/market.

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Valuation Models >
Segment loans using data filtering and loan risk analysis tool

Segment loans for sale, proactive management or marketing opportunity.

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Segment, target and take action.