Multi-level, customized, a perfect reflection of your business.

The way you bring your loan products to market is unique to your business. You may serve a variety of customer segments and may use a diversity of selling channels. Each may require a unique pricing strategy in order to be successful and profitable.

LoanDecisions™ pricing customization allows you to execute on your go-to-market strategy and manage change based on the current rate environment.

Advanced margin management and price display settings help you define the investors, programs and margins that will be available to your end-users, and contour the pricing output you want your originators to see.

LoanLogics can even support the development of a custom investor to manage your portfolio products within the system.

Bring your pricing strategy to life!

Tailor pricing with standard and advanced margins.

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Pricing Customization >

Customize one or multiple par management plans.

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Customize guidelines to
align with your organizations risk profile.

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Custom Guidelines displays >

Strong pricing controls can enable you to compete more effectively in different markets and optimize profitability across all delivery options and channels!