Mortgage Quality Assurance Checkpoints - A best practice approach.

Mortgage Quality Assurance checkpoints inserted throughout the loan origination process can increase loan quality and minimize the risk of repurchase, fines, penalties and losses. Quality is managed and controlled early in the pre-close audit process, which reduces defect remediation later in the process.

Through the LoanHD® Loan Quality Management platform, quality assurance becomes an automated routine. The efficiencies enabled for audit staff can allow them to provide results within 24 hours or less. Compared to manual internal audits or other third party audit services, productivity can be doubled and costs reduced.

Mortgage quality assurance tool can isolate high risk loan files

Isolate high risk loan files for pre-closing quality audit
and review.

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Stratify risk reporting to pinpoint issues using pre-closing audit software

Stratify risk reporting to pinpoint people and/or process issues.

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Sub-Category Stratification >

Focused on risk.
Driving "0" defects.