MERS® reconciliation audit ready, anytime.

Servicers and sub-servicers must achieve compliance with MERS® quality assurance standards and annual reporting requirements. To avoid non-compliance penalties, a best practice approach is to leverage a combination of resources and technology to streamline the process of MERS annual audits and performance monitoring against a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP). This approach can enable servicers to perform MERS QA data validation as a matter of course as opposed to a one-time, resource intensive effort.

LoanLogics has created this combination of expertise and technology for MERS registration and annual 3rd party attestation using the LoanHD® platform.

Weekly progress reporting for MERS reconciliation

Get weekly progress reporting for MERS reconciliation.

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MERS compliance audit defect review with one-click access to detail

Review defects with
one-click access to
loan-level detail.

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MERS reconciliation loan-level data comparisons

View side-by-side
data comparisons.

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The most effective quality control safety net
in the mortgage industry today.