Solutions_LoanHD_LoanHD—Loan Performance Analytics, Management and Monitoring Overview

Life-of-Loan Performance Analytics, Management, and Monitoring.

Mortgage performance monitoring and management does not end once a loan is closed and booked in your loan servicing software system. As the owner of a loan asset, you are now responsible for maintaining statistical data relative to the health of the loan asset for purposes of mortgage portfolio risk management. In addition, depository institutions (banks and credit unions) must comply with new guidance from various regulatory agencies to implement portfolio evaluation and monitoring tools at a loan level to aid them in setting proper loan loss reserves.

Addressing this need, LoanHD is an intuitive loan portfolio management platform, unique in the industry, which aggregates best-of-breed data services and analytic models to fill the gaps of what is NOT known about loan performance and analyze borrower credit and collateral health. Customization and robust reporting tools allow you to tailor the solution and deliver business intelligence for use by multiple functions across your organization.

  • Grow your company's profits through life-of-loan customer loyalty, using behavioral modeling to proactively contact borrowers for mortgage refinance opportunity or to avoid revenue loss due to delinquency or foreclosure.
  • Communicate more effectively, producing custom loan portfolio reports by function in minutes.
  • Solve for audit scrutiny and streamline readiness for loan portfolio examination reviews, making every audit a pleasant experience.
  • Protect your reputation and balance sheet through portfolio evaluation and proactive management of loan portfolio risk and regulatory compliance.

The mortgage portfolio analysis software features in LoanHD enable banks and credit unions to balance the risk in their mortgage loan portfolios and calculate loan loss reserves through relevant and timely loan-level data and analytics. Drill-down capability and what-if analysis help you sub-segment pools for better management of the underlying loans. And, with a dataset covering 94 loan-level elements, 40 pages of analysis, and over 90 risk gauges, you can make better decisions.

LoanHD is a single source solution to gauge and monitor risk in mortgage and consumer loan portfolios.

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