Your Strategy. Your Channels.
Your Decisions.

Pricing engine – power at the core.

Multi-investor data management is the building block for strategic pricing.

- Automated rate data updates every 5 minutes.
- Price adjusters and guidelines managed throughout the day.
- Dedicated in-house quality control and audit trail.

Flexible by design –
a perfect reflection of you!

A role-based architecture, with retail and wholesale configurations, allows you to tactically enable functionality across multiple selling channels and loan production roles from origination through secondary.

A custom fit for your business model, your brand and your go-to-market strategy.

Profitability controls –
bring your pricing strategy to life.

Optimize and customize pricing and guidelines across sales channels and markets served. Integrate with leading mortgage technology providers, as well as your own proprietary systems, to enable
seamless functionality at the desktop, streamline workflow, and improve usability.

Origination – sell consultatively,
compete aggressively.

Improve the effectiveness of presenting your loan offers.

- Multi-investor product comparisons - Investor specific pricing matrices
- Ineligibility reasoning - Loan scenario comparisons
- Integrated tools (ePortals, Rate Triggers, AVM, MI, ...) - Safe harbor reporting

Secondary marketing –
price strategically, lock profitably.

Establish immediate control for your lock desk and achieve sell-side gains consistently.

- Buy-side/Sell-side price management - Best Effort/Mandatory/AOT pricing
- Historical pricing matrix - Lock extension management
- Lock Day settings - Safe harbor audit

Your Strategy. Your Channels.
Your Decisions.